Vegan Plum Jam recipe / Сладко от Сини Сливи рецепта
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Vegan Plum Jam

A lovely summer is coming and with it, plenty of delicious fruits. We really do them justice, enjoying fruits at breakfast or as a healthy snack anytime during the day. Cakes and desserts are an exquisite temptation, but somehow with a dedicated vegan within our family, recently we seem to stay clear of them. Yet, there is a temptation we cannot resist – a cheerful family all-hands-on-board jam making. Everyone likes to participate. Everyone likes to have a taste. Everyone likes the cuteness and the joy the mimi-jams bring to our table.

You may consider any sort of jam vegan friendly and you will be absolutely right. Next to being vegan, our daughter is embracing a sugar fee lifestyle which, as admirable as it is, sometimes throws an exciting challenge in preparing family meals. Luckily, this vegan plum jam is a real healthy winner. To prepare any sort of jam, you may wish to mix equal portions sugar and fruit. But not in this case! To make the jam thick and jelly like I am using only fruit and Agar-Agar. The guiding proportions are to add 4g of Agar-Agar powder to 1kg of fruit or 1l of juice. And it really works. The jam becomes beautifully shiny and thick.

Making Merel happy, I spoon mini-jars with fresh made plum jam, completely sugar free. But instead of labelling them with the type of jam and date, I simply write a summer-time vacation wishing all the best in the world: “Smile”, “Dance”, “Love”, “Hope”, “Dream”… With the “happy holiday” collection ready, now I can make the rest of the jam for ourselves. I add a few tablespoons of sugar, mixing until reaching a desired taste and I am ready to pour a second batch of jars for us. A week… they last only for a week until, my hubby asks if I can make some more again.

Vegan Plum Jam recipe / Сладко от Сини Сливи рецепта


  • 5 kg ripe plums
  • 20g Agar-Agar
  • 100g sugar (optional)


1. Wash and pit the plums, cutting them in halves or quarters, depending on the size.
2. Place a deep cooking pot over a medium heat and add the plums and the Agar-Agar. Bring to a boil. Stir the jam every few minutes.
3. After boiling the jam for about an hour a foam will start to form on top. Take the foam away with a spoon and continue to boil the fruits until the jam reaches the desired consistency.
4. Optional: if desired add sugar to the jam to make it sweet. You may add the sugar at the beginning of the process or at the end. I prefer to add it to the end, tasting several times until the jam has the necessary level of sweetness.
5. Once ready, place the jam while still hot in washed and dried jars. Cover with lid and turn upside down. Let them cool completely. Store for a week or two.

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