About Me

Hi! Whether we are just meeting for the first time or old friends, chances are I’m going in to give you a big (virtual) hug. I promise we’ll spend the next hour chatting and laughing about everything in life, while enjoying a cup of coffee and a delicious slice of cake. So, feel free to start scrolling and get to know me a little bit better!

About me

My journey with food started when I was a little girl in a small town in Bulgaria, called Silistra. My mother was a shining kitchen queen, able to amaze everyone with variety of delicious tastes, displayed in an awe inspiring creative and artistic fashion. As a culinary academy graduate, her home made cooking was distinctively above average and I grew up helping in the kitchen, observing the joy and pride she took in preparing every meal.

“Years later, having a family of my own, sharing love and warmth around the table became a symbol of home.”

It always starts with simple and fresh ingredients, joint in amazing flavour combinations that whisper goodness, comfort and warmth. We cook for one another as a token of love, care and respect. They say a man’s love goes through his stomach, but I have learned that it is much more than that.

“Offering a plate of food, may speak louder than words and be as filling and nutritious for the body as for the soul.”

Travelling the world and discovering different cultures, sampling delicious cuisines with both home-made signature dishes and top notch restaurant selections has helped me bring a flare of diversity within our day-to-day kitchen and shape the preferred tastes within our home. Not surprisingly, our menu might occasionally feature a Moroccan chicken apricot tagine, Italian mushroom truffle pesto risotto, Belgian beef stew, Vietnamese vegetable curry, English pudding or French tarte tatin… Marking culinary diversity as this blog’s outstanding feature.

“In 2012, Geri’s Food was designed, with the hope of inspiring love for amazing food and family lifestyle, as well as the courage to try something new, live fully and follow one’s passion.”

Little did I know that my passion for cooking would blossom into learning so much about web design, food styling and photography. Enjoying every step of the journey, I am truly honoured to share my impressions and experience with you. Feel free to email any questions, thoughts or comments. I would love to hear from you!