Cum Laude, Faculty Club

How do we measure and celebrate the passing of time? What is meaningful and what do we treasure? How do we celebrate love? We counted the days, we counted the weeks, then we settled at counting the months… and only when the months became too many did we start counting the years. When someone special enters our life time together starts to exist in a different dimension. Everything is the same, yet all is different. The magic collision of love leaves traces in the universe, making every day a sparkle. We treasure every day. So much so that when we ask each other “How long are we together?” we know that a smile and “Not enough.” are the only real answers.

Looking for a restaurant where we may celebrate the anniversary of that special moment when it all began is easy. With a selection of trendy, Michelin guide restaurants in Leuven, we know that there are plenty of places suiting the occasion. We are looking for a place with elegance and class. A place of delicious perfection that will sparkle with colour and sumptuous culinary tastes as much as our love for one another. A place of subtlety and intimacy, where we could enjoy each other’s company undisturbed by the noisy crowd. To our immense joy and delight Cum Laude, Faculty Club turned out to offer all of that and more.

Set in the grounds of the medieval Grand Beguinage complex, the Faculty Club is an UNESCO world heritage site, offering business accommodation facilities in an unique historic building, equipped to high-tech modern standards. Cum Laude, is the Faculty Club restaurant. With strong ties to one of the oldest universities in Europe, the complex offers temporary stay to international professors and visiting guest speakers, as well as an array of business services. No wonder the restaurant carries both the academic and the business in its look and feel – a British Gentleman’s Club with an understated elegance and ease.

Suiting the occasion, both our selection of food and wines have been spectacular. A masterful arrangement of trendy French-Belgian cuisine, showcasing modern cooking and fresh local ingredients at its best. The melody of a four course meal, plus the occasional chef complementary dishes, sang in harmonic perfection. Every bite a surprise. Every dish a taste-bud delight, served with impeccable finesse and attention. Enjoying our time together and the amazing meal, we ended the evening waltzing in the foyer, drawing a few wistful glances and an occasional smile. One more amazing evening in our “Not enough” story.

Feature image source – Cum Laude.

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