Flower Market, Leuven Belgium

I love walking in Leuven on Saturday morning.

The day has not yet fully began, the streets are quiet and I have all the space and all the time to fully embrace the city, making it my own, giving it all my undivided love and attention.

Like a well practiced dance, we take always the same steps, through my favourite shops, coffee corners, quick check for books and magazines, quick glance at the antiques, long pose at the flowers and the fruit and vegetable market, and before not too long, I am heading home carrying more than I can bear with my heart and soul full of smiles.

Today was no exception and as a result I have brought home the most amazing holland tulips I have ever seen. They reminded me somehow of the fourteenth century flemish still-life paintings, so rich in petals almost roses like. Very rare and extremely  beautiful flowers. Today they are still closed, but tomorrow will reveal all their glory.

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