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How to Colour Easter Eggs with Rice

Colouring hard boiled Easter eggs could be such a fun activity for the whole family. As a child, I used to love following the centuries old traditions back at home, colouring eggs on none other day but Friday, days before our festive resurrection Easter meal. The kitchen will be full with colour pots, where for hours we will need to dye the eggs in red, green, blue, yellow colours. It’s a whole day activity demanding kitchen utilities, devotion and attention. Yet, fun and cheer are never far away, for who may resist the charm of watching pure while colour eggs dress for a party with all the colours of the rainbow?

Now, years later and living in Belgium, the Easter bunny comes in our garden with a basket full of shiny multi-colour foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Nothing could be more delightful than unwrapping an egg only to be surprised by the melting perfection of the praline chocolate filling. As much as we love the chocolates occasionally, we take the time to honour the traditions and as a hobby and for fun prepare our own boiled Easter eggs.

Easyer Eggs / Как да Боядисаме Великденски Яйца с Ориз

This simple method of colouring your eggs with food colours, plastic bags and rice is an absolute winner. It takes very little to no time, it is cost efficient and extremely economic. Using only a few utilities transforms the eggs into perfect sparkles like a charm. I have chosen to colour my eggs and then dust them with gold food colouring dust. The effect is stunningly beautiful and absolutely amazing!


  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Several food liquid food colours
  • Golden dust food colour
  • 100g rice (per colour)
  • transparent plastic bags
  • plastic gloves (optional)


1. Add 5 tbs of rice in a transparent plastic bag.
2. Add one or two droplets of liquid food colour in the plastic bag. Add the egg, close the plastic bag, and with your hands twist and turn the egg inside, rubbing the colour all over the egg. If the colour is too pale add more food colouring droplets.
3. Put the plastic gloves on, remove the egg and place it somewhere it can dry. Be careful, the colour is intense and without protection it may stain your hands.
4. Repeat the same process by preparing another plastic bag with rice with another colour. At this point you may add two droplets of two different colours if you’d like and colour the eggs in colour patterns.
5. Once all the eggs have been coloured, but are still wet throw away the rice and keep the coloured plastic bags. In each colour tainted bag, add gold food colour dust and one by one add the eggs with the same colour as the plastic bag. Rub the gold dust in patches over the coloured eggs.
6. Using plastic gloves remove the eggs and place them somewhere they may dry.

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