15 Great Wedding Ideas

Congratulations! He has finally popped the question and you have said “Yes”. Opening a new chapter in life deserves a stunning celebration. Whether a small and intimate family affair or a grand and opulent event, nothing matters more then embracing yourself and reflecting your style, dreams and aspirations into an unforgettable moment of happiness, the echoes of which will last for generations. Starting with plenty of ideas or nothing at all this bridal guide will inspire you and make a wedding plan seem fun and easy.

1. Create your dream wedding Pinterest board

A picture speaks a thousand words. Imagine having access to the most amazing wedding celebration pictures in the world and be able to select and form your dream wedding vision with nothing but a click. This is the power of creating your own dream wedding Pinterest board. It can stir the imagination and help envisage what might be possible for your own wedding day. Using Pinterest as a guideline, can help communicate your vision not only with your partner, but with all affected parties along the way – your family, your florist, you hair stylist, your wedding catering agency, etc.

2. Agree on a Wedding Budget Figure

Having good agreements with your partner could make the wedding planning experience as seamless and enjoyable as the wedding day itself. Within the joy of making dreams come true, one could easily be swayed with astronomical expenses, with the excitement and the conviction that it is worth it. To keep a realistic view, it helps to agree early in the process on a budget ceiling and a compromising buffer, keeping constantly in mind what is really at stake – the wedding day on its own or the married life to follow?

3. Narrow down the wedding dress styles you may wish to try

It is easy to imagine that we walk in a wedding dress shop and after a few exciting trials we walk out with our dream wedding dress in hand. If you are lucky, this might be you, but if you might wish to avoid endless appointments and confusions, starting with a body-figure-wedding-dress-style analysis might be an insightful option. Narrow down your selection styles to a few (A-Line and Mermaid, for example) and see how they might accentuate your figure. Once the preferred style has been selected, finding the perfect dress is only a step away.

4. Don’t Forget the Groom

The question “What will I wear?” is equally important for her as for him. It might be tempting for a bride to imagine that selecting all the groom might require for the wedding day is infinitely easier and less complex than selecting a wedding gown. Paying attention to his needs is an equal sign of love and care. Helping the groom select his outfit(s) as early as possible might help him relax and be as agreeable and supportive for the bride in all wedding preparations.

5. Choose the Wedding Party Venue

Seaside or mountain retreat, a castle venue or a garden party at home… Selecting the preferred venue as early as possible, will help you set the tone and style of the wedding as much as aligning all budget preparation on time. There is hardly anything more disappointing than being too late to book your dream wedding place so think, discuss and act on time.

6. Choose Wedding Theme & Colour Setting

Once the wedding location has been set, it is time to unleash the magic of these Pinterest board inspirations and chose a colour scheme and theme for your wedding outlining all details. Perhaps a wedding styling agency could be of help transforming the decor of your wedding venue to your exact specifications, or perhaps your friends might be called to help. Whether you may wish to keep the “wow effect” as a surprise or involve your closest ones in the preparation process, just remember that effort should remain easy and fun.

7. Send Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation may set the tone, theme, personality and style of your wedding and hint on what it is to come. Old fashioned or a sign of etiquette and style – you may decide if they are suitable or not.  If however it may be an option, there is plenty to chose from – making your own, ordering wedding agency custom made, or closing a designer made template online. I particularly like what Etsy has on offer – exquisitely beautiful selection of wedding invitation templates, a click away and easy to use.

View my Pinterest Board & Get More Wedding Inspirations

8. Sweet Table & a Wedding Cake

It is becoming customary for a wedding party to offer a sweet table next to the traditional wedding cake. A pastry chef could delight with an amazing display of sweet temptations, but if you might have a heart for challenge you may consider taking the sweet table preparation into your own hands. Yes, I did my own French macarons, cheese cakes, chocolate mousse and three tier wedding cake! Two days before the wedding my fiancé and myself spent the night icing pearls on the cake, hands shaking and exhausted, but happy and proud with our own creation. What more is a wedding than having fun, sharing love and lining memories?

9. Pre-taste your Wedding Reception Menu

Many restaurants offer free of charge wedding menu pre-taste with a selection of accompanying wines. Open a conversation if this might be an available option for you. On the other hand, if you already have a confidence in the restaurant chef, it might be a wonderful experience to agree on the general idea of the menu beforehand and be surprised and delighted with delicious tastes on the day itself.

10. Make it fun for the little ones

Don’t forget the little ones. There are so many ways a wedding party might be made entertaining and exciting for them as well. Little tokens of affection, toys & games, drawing tables… Anything and everything you might think about, just to show you love and appreciation for their presence while allowing the grown ups to relax, enjoy and have a good time.

11. Make your own table seating cards

You wedding event agency will most likely offer accessories like table numbers and seating cards. If this might fit the overall look & feel, you may enjoy the benefits of the overall package. But if you might be tight on budget and in need to add your personal touch, why not consider designing your own table seating name cards instead? There are plenty of ready made templates free of charge available online that might help you with your own design.

12. Feel Free to Break Tradition

To follow or break tradition? This might be a key question to consider early in the process and define the areas where you might be willing to compromise. Questions like how does the wedding represent your love, views and ideas as a couple, to what extend you might be open to accommodate the expectations of the others on how your wedding day should be, might help you form a borderline where you feel free to break tradition and love and respect the people closest to your hearts.

13. Design your own table floral display

Dreaming of fairy tail spellbound floral display? A gifted florist could certainly make a wedding setting take your breath away, but if you might be considering the limits of your budget, why not design your own floral display? Friends and family might be willing to offer a helping hand and the fun and excitement in making the arrangements might extend the pleasure of your wedding day.

14. Be open for surprises

Surprises often come with weddings. It helps to keep an open mind and be prepared to act with grace no matter if the well wished gesture is pleasing or displeasing. It is your wedding day after all and most likely all surprise attempts have good intentions. Yet, you alone as wedding couple, hold the key of keeping your own wedding day full with happiness.

15. Enjoy the party, but even more enjoy each other

It could be extremely tempting to pay attention to everyone during a wedding party, yet it might be wise to remember that among the everyone is your special one. Often during weddings photographs are in despair as they cannot catch the groom and bride together. Enjoy the party, but even more enjoy each other. It is your wedding day, love each other, have fun and make it great!

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