Restaurant 6 Zinnen, Hasselt Belgium

It is a rear pleasure to walk into a restaurant on a casual Sunday evening and unexpectedly to be delightfully enchanted not only by the delicious food, but by the overall experience. Nothing has prepared us to what may lay ahead when stepping through the open doors of the 6 Zinnen restaurant in Hasselt. Yes, it has been our choice to test what the best rated, number one restaurant in the city has to offer. Looking for the perfect place for a family birthday celebration, we have decided a few days in advance to travel to the city examining if the location, the sphere, the food could eventually be suitable for a big family reunion.

Welcomed by the smiling face of the charming hostess, we were guided into the impeccably designed modern interior of classic turn of the century city house. Intimately arranged into separate dinning areas, the restaurant isn’t large. It reminds of the glory days when a well-to-do family will meet for a Sunday lunch served and catered by a butler and a kitchen staff. Not surprisingly, in this setting it is the young chef himself who suddenly steps out of the kitchen, bending over our tables, offering us a taste of the first exiting meal. What an honour and what fun!

Our Menu

  • Sweet Beetroot 7 Potato Canapé
  • Mackerel with lettuce 7 pickled beetroot
  • Beef, flat green beans, courgette 7 white cauliflower pure
  • Vanilla Peach Crumble
  • Vanilla Chocolate Ice-cream


The food is an utter delight. Deliciously balanced flavours of fresh local meat and seasonal vegetables, every bite singing to life. We often watch on TV renown culinary experts praising the intensity of flavour in cooked vegetables, but I must admit in all my restaurant dinning and international travels, I could never boast of any similar experience as enjoying tasting the vegetables in the 6 Zinnen Restaurant in Hasselt. Innovative, lightly cooked but fresh and deliciously sublime the theme of embracing nature at its best has been repeated over and over again in every single dish, in a well thought about and executed menu.

Enjoying the purity of flavour of the dishes on our table, we tend to forget that our dinner is a test, quickly turning in an unforgettable and unexpected romantic date. When was the last time when we were so much taken forgetting where we are, who we are and only focusing on with whom we are? This is the magic of the place. Letting go of reason and agenda, to submit oneself to an amazing experience and by tasting natures best be reminded of life’s best, which sometimes may sit just across the table.

Feature image source – 6 Zinnen

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