Roasted Chestnuts, Aachen

Beautiful, colourful, warm and wise October… If I would have a colour for each season yellow-orange would be by colour for October.  We are just returning home from a weekend in Germany, and the explosion of red, orange and yellow trees along the high-way is still dancing in front of my eyes. Is there another month more rich and blanket-warm than October?

This month has so much to offer.

From the gorgeous sunflower blossoms and exuberant chrysanthemums to the heavy bounty of ripe apple fruits.From the long walks in the woods to the the warm hot chocolate inside the cosy cafes.

From the roasted chestnuts sold on the fashion streets of Milano to the mushroom baskets offered on the market place in Germany.

From the hint of summer in the gentle touch of the last sunny rays to the melting sweetness of the Christmas ginger biscuits.

Autumn is there. And with it comes the nostalgic music of the ending year and the glittering shine of the holiday anticipation. Shall we spend New Year in Germany or shall we stay at home? What shall we cook for the family Christmas day celebration?

The end-year holidays will come… but not yet, not quite yet. There is a whole season of golden beauty to be beheld, morning mists to be embraced, apple tarte tatin cakes to be baked. A season of remembering what has been and cherishing what is to come.

A season of colour… A season of joy… A season of passion… And a season of hope.

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