Voltaire, Heverlee Belgium

As much as we love cooking at home, there are those moments when nothing compares to going out, sharing intimate time together and enjoying a meal. Luckily our hometown offers quite a variety of restaurants – from the classic French and Belgian cuisine to cosy Italian, intoxicating Moroccan, Greek, Spanish, Portages, Thai, Chinese, Japanese… the list is really long and the possibility to be pleasantly surprised endless.

After the long dark winter days today spring has reworded us with a first glimpse of what a sunny day really looks like. We have walked for hours in the forest, we have caressed the new fresh green moss, we have picked up flowers, we have smelled the new-born leafs, we have spoken deeply, we have laughed heartily and we have ended a beautiful morning in a near by restaurant. Voltaire did not disappoint. All shines away, we have chosen to go for a three course menu with a glass of champagne, white wine and red wine accompanying every meal.

Our Menu

  • Cheese croquettes, dry ham, fig marmalade, grapefruit and lettuce
  • Piepkuiken (spring chicken) and rosted potatoes in calvados sauce
  • Lemon cheesecake


  • Toni-fish tapanade rolls
  • Victoriabaas (Lake Victoria Perch), rosted cheery tomatoes, terragon potato mash and hollandaise sauce
  • Speculoos ice-cream in hot caramel sauce

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